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AnOther Western1994-1998

​    AnOther Western began after the consideration for the immediate geographical, historical and cultural significance of the site to be an integral part of my the visual research. Although AnOther Western, which also deals with race and gender within the context of cultural assimilation, the project’s focus shifts from European High Culture to the American West. In this site-specific work,  19th century photographic syntax is utilized  to reinterpret and to simulate tintype portraits made in the West during late 1800's. In these new self-portraits, the  Asian immigrant take on new roles as gunslingers, musicians and gentlemen.  By consciously assuming culturally powerful icons, and not the assumed stereotypical representations of Asian as the submissive other (i.e. opium addicts, domestic servants) AnOther Western intends to humorously and ironically question and challenge the legitimacy and authority of the western myth.


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